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Last week to make Snape's summer a memorable one!

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 And now, for last week's offerings!

International Male Catalog (WS)
Caribbean Cookery (NWS)
School's Out (WS)

Mad Potions Master (WS)
Surely a Dream (WS)
Like What You See? (WS)
An Acquired Skill (NWS)

As always, please let us know if we missed and entry and thank you to all of our artists and writers for contributing to this year's fest! Keep 'em coming!
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August 22nd has come and gone in this part of the world and with that, it's time for the
train to begin boarding and for a heat weary Professor to head back to his cool dungeons and find comfort in being surrounded by his books, his cauldrons, his jars of pickled cockroaches, and a steady stream of mouth-breathing troglodytes, otherwise known as children, to sneer at.

The mod would like to take this opportunity to thank our wonderful fest fillers, [livejournal.com profile] teddyradiator, [livejournal.com profile] shadowycat, [livejournal.com profile] pretend_mulling, [livejournal.com profile] reynardo, [livejournal.com profile] torino10154,[livejournal.com profile] vantablack, [livejournal.com profile] hikorichan[livejournal.com profile] notearchiver, [livejournal.com profile] tjs_whatnot, [livejournal.com profile] ayebydan, [livejournal.com profile] f8gamblr, [livejournal.com profile] helenarickman, [livejournal.com profile] caz251[livejournal.com profile] kerravonsen [livejournal.com profile] themightyflynn and [livejournal.com profile] kellychambliss, as well as our anonymous writers, for making Severus' summer holiday a busy one! (And if, I managed to inadvertently miss someone, please let me know so I can go iron my ears and put my fingers in the toaster post haste!)

2015 Comment Fest Fics )

2015 Comment Fest Art )

 The comment fest post will remain pinned to the top of the community until the end of the month, so please take a look at the offerings and don't neglect to leave a little love for the artists and authors.

 And that's a wrap! Stay tuned for information on Severus' Birthday Bash! Details coming this fall!
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 Only two more days left! The professor will be boarding the train back to Hogwarts at midnight tomorrow, so if you have any last minute mischief you'd like to get him up to, now's the time! (We are 3 fills away from giving Severus an even 50 fills this summer!)

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 Well folks, here we are, heading into the final week of the 2015 Summer of Severus Comment Fest and we'd like to thank you for all of your prompts and fills, pimping and comments. You've helped make this fest a rousing success through its 8 week run. Thank you!

 And now, here's this week's masterlist of fills. Please be sure to leave a little goose for our writers and artists if you see something that tickles your fancy. (And give a shout out to the mod if we missed a fill!)


Title: Darkness Rating: PG
Title: And Death Rating: PG

Perchance to Dream Rating: PG
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 We've officially come to the final two weeks of the 2015 Summer of Severus Comment Fest. We've had an amazing 44 entries, spanning all ratings, in wide variety of pairings, and kinks. Even Aberforth's goats have dropped by to show our dear Potions master a good time! (Whether he remembers that night or not is an entirely different matter.)

 Let's endeavor to give our favorite snarky git a rousing send off before we allow him to go slithering back to his dungeon. (Can we make it to 60 entires? I know we can!) Drabbles, drawbles, any rating, any pairing, or no pairing at all. Just about anything at all is welcome, and you're free to post anonymously. There's really no excuse not to join us! Hope to see what trouble you can get Severus in as we head into our final 14 days of the fest. (Don't make us give you detention!)

For the Mod Rating: PG
Fish and Chips Rating: G

Sunrise Rating: G
No One's Pet Rating: R
In the Hospital Wing Rating: NC-17(enema)
Piss Off Rating: PG

As always, if the mod has neglected to list something in the round up, please give us a poke and we'll correct it.
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 Week 6 and we have a few new fills to share with you. We're running into the final month of our summer long celebration of Severus Snape, thanks to everyone who's come out to play! We're running until the 22nd so you still have time left if you'd like to pile on.

A New Lesson Rating: G
Table Stakes Rating: NC-17
On the Other Side of the World (It is Winter) Rating: PG
Letting Go Rating: NC-17 (Watersports)
A Swim in the Black Lake Rating: PG

Punk Severus Rating: G
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 Unfortunately, there were no fills this week so in the interest of posting something as we come to the end of a very uneventful week fifth week, here's all the fills from the first four weeks.

The comment fest has a little more than a month to go, so if you had planned on contributing you have until 8/22 to do so.


Fic )

Art )
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 The fills for this past week about 12 hours earlier than usual. If we missed anything in this round-up, please drop us a line in the comments. As always, thank you for participating!

Fills for Week 4 )
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 Week 3 has come and gone and things are still rather lively! Thank you to all of our participants as well as commenters! You're giving the old boy a run for his money! We still have three more weeks to go, so if you have a Snape-centric itch you'd like scratched, or want to do the scratching, or just want to flex your creative muscle on a new pairing or theme in a low stress environment please join us! Fics can be short and drawings can be loose and you can even play anon, so you're running out of excuses not to. We're accepting prompts and fills until 8/22 and we'd love to see more of you join in the fray.

And on a modly note, please be sure when replying to a fill to reply directly to the fill instead of to the prompting/fill post itself. When you do that, your comment goes to the end of the post and is never sent directly to the creator of the piece you're commenting on. We want all those lovely comments to go to who they're meant for. :)

And finally, a question. Would you all like the fest to have a collection on AO3?  We haven't set it up so far since we wanted to ask you, so let us know in the comments what your feelings are about that.

 And now, this week's offerings:

Fills for Week 3 )
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 Another week, another batch of Snapely goodies to gawk at! Thanks to all of you who've been playing! If you haven't dipped your toes in yet but have a little Snape bunny nibbling on your ear, please consider joining us for a little low-stress creative muscle stretching.

All I Deserve (PG-13)
The Sun in Winter (R)
Light and Dark (PG-13)

Gin and Tonic (G)
Afterward (G)

Just a Note

Jul. 3rd, 2015 04:39 pm
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 First off, we'd like to give a hearty and heartfelt thank you to everyone who's participated so far in this year's comment fest. We appreciate all of the prompts, fills, comments, and promotion that you all have been doing. The fest (indeed, this community itself) would be nothing without your hard work and enthusiasm.

With that in mind, we would like to remind everyone that when they're commenting on the fills to please be sure to comment directly under the fill itself, and not to the large post containing all the prompts/fills/comments instead, doing so means the creator will not get your comment since it will end up at the end of the large post unattributed. We want to make sure that the people who are taking the time to contribute get their feedback and those giving feedback are getting it to who it's intended for. :)

 Again, thank you all, prompters, creators, commenters, and pimpers for participating, we look forward to what else you come up with in the weeks ahead!

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 Week one of the 2015 Summer of Severus Comment Fest is a wrap and we've already had a nice number of fills. A huge thank you to everyone who's participated so far, keep the prompts and fills coming guys!


Muggle Secrets (allusion to childhood sexual abuse, child pornography) Rating: PG-13
Release (masturbation) Rating: PG-13
For Good Measure (medical kink) Rating: NC-17
Summer Time Blues (angst, mentions of suicide) Rating: PG-13
The Eye of the Storm (thunderstorm, memories) Rating: G
An Acquired Taste (Emetophilia, torture, non-con) Rating: NC-17
The Dark Side (Star Wars fusion) Rating: PG


If It Gets You Through the Night (age play) Rating: PG-13
"As Defiant as Ever...Good." (corporal punishment) Rating: R
Consensus (corporal punishment) Rating: NC-17
Power Trip (IV drug use) Rating: PG-13
Consumed by Hate (Star Wars fusion) Rating: G
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 Prompt claiming is now open over at the [livejournal.com profile] snaco_soiree, so if you're up for a little snake on snake action, head on over and check it out!

And the first week of our own Summer of Severus comment fest is wrapping up and we're off to a rousing start! Why not come over and join us? Prompting and filling can be done anonymously for the sneaky shy among us, and everything from quick and dirty doodles, to short and punchy drabbles are welcome, so there's really no excuse for not getting your Snape on this summer. After all, you don't want the good Professor to give you detention, do you?

IP Logging

Jun. 25th, 2015 03:14 pm
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 Just a quick note, for the duration of the comment fest we have turned off IP logging on comments in order to allow prompts/fills to be done truly anonymously. We'll turn it back on once the fest is over in August. However, anon comments will still be screened prior to publishing.

Have fun everyone!
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School's out, the train has taken all the little dunderheads away, and now there's ample time for a potions master at loose ends to get into all sorts of mischief, we hope you're all prepared to get him into some.

This is an all ratings fest and so all types of work from the lightest of G to the darkest of NC-17 is permitted. This is also an all pairing/open pairing/no pairing at all, fest so every pairing is welcome and diversity is encouraged. Please see the rules under the cut for more information and if you have any questions, please feel free to give us a poke!

Banner art by [livejournal.com profile] iwao

Spread the Word!
Timeline: 6/22-8/22 (That's two whole months to get your Snape on!)
2015 Summer of Severus Rules )

We look forward to seeing what Severus gets up to during the sticky, sweaty days to come!


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