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Mod Note: We are now officially [livejournal.com profile] severus_snape! Your one stop shopping for all of your Severus Snape-based LJ needs!

In an effort to encourage as many people as possible to participate in this year's fest, we're offering a small number of spaces for a "mini-fest" style entry. There are 9 available spaces that will be given out on a first come, first served basis. Once they're taken, we will have a waitlist in case of any drop-outs, and the next person in line will be given the option to take the drop-out's place.

If you'd like to participate at the mini-fest level, please leave a comment below that includes your livejournal name and e-mail address and whether you'll be working off a prompt and if so, which prompt. The mods will respond as quickly as possible to let you know if you've gotten a space or are on the waitlist.

Comments will be screened.

Mini-fest information/rules:

1. Ficlets of 500 words or less (or more, you're just not bound by the 1K minimum. However, if you end up going over 1K we ask you to submit it as a regular fest entry so we can reassign your mini-fest space.), rough sketches, poems, filks, and the like are all permissible.

2. Mini-fest participants have the option of picking up a prompt or just completely winging it.

3. Ficlets and other text entries must be beta'd

4. Art scans should be as clean as possible and at least at least 640x480 pixels.

5. All submissions should be formatted in the same way as a regular fest entry and submitted with headers.

6. All other rules about extensions and drop outs apply. Although we do ask if you are going to drop out to let us know as soon as possible so your space can be reassigned.

7. Mini-fest entries will be posted on Saturdays throughout the fest.

Spots available: Sign ups closed!
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Mod Note: The claming rules have been amended, please see the additional information under the cut.

 Welcome to the 2016 Severus Snape Fest prompt claiming!
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And due to the success of the mini-fest option last year, we're offering the same option this year for those of you who may not have the time to commit to a longer work or would prefer to work without a prompt. Please see this post for full information and to sign up. Spaces are limited!

Help spread the word!

Comments are screened.

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Gen and Non-Pairing Specific Adult Prompts


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